How To Make New Background With Photoshop

Learn how to replace a background with another photo to make an image more interesting. Prep your project and let’s started!! Steps below.

How To Make New Background With Photoshop, Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial, CiprianFOTO

  1. In the first phase, you need to crop the subject away from the background.
  2. Add adjustment layer: Brightness/Contrast – Add Clipping Mask (ALT+CLICK) – Set (+)100 at Contrast – Set (-)100 at Brightness — To see more clearly outline the subject.
  3. Select Quick Selection Tool (W) – Select Subject — And if the selection is not accurate we will improve it using the Quick Selection Tool (W).
  4. Delete adjustment layer: Brightness/Contrast.
  5. Choose the Quick Selection Tool (W) – Select and Mask – Set the Radius to 3 px – check SMART RADIUS – At the Global Refinement – Set the Smooth to 5 – Set the Feather to 1.3 px – After that with Refine Edge Brush Tool (R)we remove the imperfections around the subject – At Output Settings – Output to – Set to – New Layer – OK.
  6. Add a new layer and name it green screen – Choose Paint Bucket Tool (G) – Choose a green color from the Swatches – After that, we remove the other imperfections of the subject using steps from up.
  7. Open the image background, in this case, a garden, and make a copy of this, and name it Blur.
  8. Import the subject layer (= female portrait) and Convert to Smart Object and you can put the female subject where you want in the frame.
  9. Choose the layer named Blur – You need to go at Filter menu – Blur – Gaussian Blur – Set the Radius to 3 Pixels – OK.
  10. To have a blur garden you must make another copy of the Blur layer and put at the top of the subject.
  11. Add another blur filter, now for the subject, for that, you need to go at Filter menu – Blur – Average – Add Clipping Mask (ALT+CLICK) – Blend Mode change it from Normal – Soft Light – Lower opacity to about 45%.
  12. Add adjustment layer: Click “Add a new fill or adjustment layer” icon at bottom of Layers palette, then choose Solid Color.
  13. Choose a dark blue from the picker (#080c56) – OK – Blend Mode change it from Normal – Soft Light – Lower opacity to about 50%.

That’s it! We’re Done.




Female portrait