Photoshop Tutorial – How To Put A Logo On Brick Wall

Photoshop Tutorial, How To Put A Logo On Brick Wall, Death Row Records, CiprianFOTO
Photoshop CC 2019 video tutorial showing how to put a logo on the brick wall in Photoshop to make a really awesome graffiti, prep your project and let’s start! Steps below.

1. First, open the picture with the brick wall.
2. Open the second picture with the logo, and adjust the size of the logo.
3. Click on the Death Row Records logo layer to select it.
4. Select “Overlay” from the blend modes drops down.
5. Duplicate the layer (= CTRL+J/CMD+J), to make a copy, from the original image, and select “Color” from the blend modes drops down.
6. Select all two logos and make duplicates, and create a group for all four layers.
7. Combines all visible layers into the active one with command CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E/CTRL+CMD+SHIFT+E
8. Add Camera Raw filter to make any adjustment for the picture.

That’s it! I finished.



Brick wall

Death Row Records logo