The Simple Way To Whiten Teeth In Photoshop

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In this Photoshop video tutorial, I will show you the simple way to whiten teeth in photoshop, prep your project and let’s start! Steps below.

1. First, open the picture with the beautiful smile of the woman.
2. Add adjustment layer: Click “Add a new fill or adjustment layer” icon at bottom of Layers palette, then choose Hue/Saturation.
3. Then press the button where the hand is represented, then go to select the yellow area of your teeth.
4. Next, give your maximum value to HUE (+180) and SATURATION (+100).
5. Next, then adjust the color range until you get the teeth control area.
6. Next, then reset the positive maximum values to zero for HUE and SATURATION, then adjust SATURATION at the (-85) and LIGHTNESS respectively at (+65).
7. To avoid damaging the skin color, which also contains the yellow color, I invert the mask (WIN: CTRL + I / MAC: CMD + I) from the HUE / SATURATION layer and then use the Brush Tool (B), to paint with white, the area of the teeth.

That’s it! I finished.